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Academic drug discovery  is playing a much more vital role in developing new therapies to enhance public health.  Universities are an excellent environment for the pioneering of new paradigms for treatment. The broad range of expertise enables the establishment of multidisciplinary collaborations willing to use the most advanced scientific fields such as  computational chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, data mining, and AI to find and develop new strategies for innovative research.  We can assist your team in developing effective strategies to meet the objectives of your project.

Project Development

With many years of experience, we can provide sound direction in the development of your project, ensuring it successfully meets the desired goals. From understanding the challenges of manufacturing clinical trial material to providing input into statistical analysis plans, we can suggest approaches that will minimize data collection costs while maintaining the quality of the study.

Clinical Trial Material

Study success is strongly influenced by the ability to provide high quality material on a consistent and continuous basis.  Yet for many universities, this process lacks the ability to accomidate for rapid data driven advancements; thereby, requiring additional effort and cost to meet the changing demands of a study.

With our experience, we can work with your team to identify and overcome the challenges of providing clinical trial material before the start of the study by using Quality by Design (QbD) principles.  These practices greatly enhance study success, product transfers and approval by regulatory agencies.

Data Collection and Management

Even the smallest of studies generate enormous amounts of data, which pays dividends years after the end of the study. The days of casually storing data in Excel sheets, Word docs, or on Google drives have met with increased scrutiny surrounding data access, security and integrity.

Additionally, funding agencies require study data to be transferred to publicly accessible databases. What does this mean for you? Increased resources to ensure that your study remains compliant with the data sharing plan and does not suffer delays in continuous funding.

We understand the need to have cost-effective, easily accessible data, and the desire to secure the data for long-term benefit. We have expertise in developing REDCap database solutions so that your data remains under your precise control, and is easily transferred to public databases.

Publications and Dissertation Support

Whether you are in the medical, social or life sciences, your success is driven not by how many papers are published, but by how many times they are cited by your peers. When your peers cite your work, they recognize it as being an influential motivator to their own.

Good ideas abound in science, but without clear communication, they become less cited and minimally influential.  Presenting scientific data does not have to  difficult.  With advanced visualization tools, data can be presented in a more vibrant, compelling way; thus, making it easily absorbed by a wider audience.  These are the publications that get more citations and become influential in the larger scientific body of knowledge.

We can provide you with options to present your data beyond the typical charts and graphs.  We can work with you to present data that is compelling and easily understood, which leads to more citations and highlights.

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